Annie Gorton-Harding
RDTC Gwent area

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi?
What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi
The phrase ' Be still as a mountain move like a great river ' inspired me to learn Tai Chi. I was in a busy hall where lots of new, exciting courses were being offered. I could choose, and I was attracted to several. However there was a knowing inside me that led me to the unadorned 'stand' with a simple quote about stillness in the face of a tiger. There stood a quiet, graceful Burmese lady who became my first teacher of Tai Chi.

I later needed to find a teacher near to my home and was fortunate to join a class with Richard Farmer. I was inspired by the paring down of the clutter both physical and mental, that led and still leads me to connect with my spirit by being with my body and mind.

Moving slowly came as a relief, once I let go of my perpetual urgency to 'get on with it'. I discovered this vast peaceful place, previously unknown, as if it had been there, patiently waiting for me to notice and enter. And so I studied the art of Tai Chi with a fine, good teacher in Richard Farmer, showing the way through the various Forms.

So the Tai Chi illuminated the everyday of my life as a busy mother. I began teaching in November 1986 and continue on my journey exploring living and Rising Dragon Tai Chi.

What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?
Why do I teach what I teach? I love the way the principles of Tai Chi make sense in my everyday encounters. I teach Tai Chi, meditation in natural movement, for quietness in a moving world. My interest is in using the discoveries we make in Tai Chi practice to really help in everyday living experiences. The pleasure in movement made from a clear root, tempered by a yeilding heart and with a lightly sticking concentration brings an awareness of aliveness.

Tai Chi is a grand friend to me and is a wonderful gift we can each give to ourselves. Tai Chi is so spiritually uplifting, so inspiring for the mind, so generous to the body. A complete system for growth and a true gift for living. I love to share this Art.

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